The Sharing of Experience

Read testimonials from people who have planned and experienced services here.

Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Vining Funeral Home. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“Everyone at Vining Funeral Home, You are all such an awesome group of great people. So compassionate, kind and loving. We were completely surprised with the placement of the headstone. We think it looks perfect! Thank you for all you do.”

David Layton Family February 20, 2019

“We cannot fully express in words how our genuine caring got us through such a difficult time. Your kindness was such a blessing.”

The David Brown Family

“Mark, Ruth, and Funeral Home Staff, The loss of our beloved mother Herlinda Garcia was a difficult and painful period of time for our family. Your immediate support and invaluable assistance made the process go smoother. We put our mother in your care and your staff carried on beautifully. Your services were so deeply appreciated! Time and God's help will lessen our pain but you did your best to take over our concerns and worries.”

Juan, Elsa, Rose, Juanita, Jorge, and Teresa

“Mark and Family, Some people go above and beyond for the call of duty, others for the love of God and their fellow man. Thank you so much for all you have done for us.”

Richard Sr., Rich, Dian, Leslie

“Mark and his staff were sympathetic and understanding. They were as concerned personally as they were professionally. Dealings with a mortuary in Tucson got "a little sticky," but Mark and his staff managed to negotiate an amicable transfer and give my husband the dignified military service he deserved. Thank you Mark, You, like my husband, went beyond the call of duty in a time of need.”

Theresa Mitchell

“Mr. Vining and staff, We want to thank you so much for taking care of our mother. Your kindness and reverence was more than what we could ask for. You made everything so much easier to bear. Everyting was beautiful and she looked so much at peace. You and your staff are just wonderful people and you hold a special place in our hearts.”

John, Mary, Shirley, and Diana Bowman

“Mark and Staff, I couldn't have made it through this without all your help and support. I appreciate all you did for me. Your staff is awesome and so are you, Mark. Thanks again for making everything so perfect. Jon would have been proud.”

Terri Laughlin

“Mark, Thank you doesn't come close to covering how we feel. But that's all we know to say. You and your staff were so good to our family. Thank you.”

The Morgan Family

“Thanks to all of you! For all you did in our time of sorrow. You are special people. God bless you!”

The Hendrix Family

“Dear Mark and Staff, Thank you for the care and compassion you showed my family and me. You lived up to your slogan, you really did all that you could for us which was far beond what would normally be expected. You were so patient, kind and respectful. You thought of everything. My family and I will always appreciate what you did for us at a very hard time.”

Mary Gibbons

“Thanks to each and every one of you. My family and I were so pleased with the way you conducted the entire service for our beloved Walter "Pete" Brooks. You really do take care of everything and you care about people. You made it all so easy and complete.”

The Walter Brooks Family

“Mark, Jonathon and Jan, Losing my mom has proven to be the most painful experience in my life so far. However, when I reflect upon the heartfelt loving care that each of you gave to her and to us, I find great comfort. We all feel that you went above and beond and did it with so much caring. You made what could have been bad, into something I can look back on and find comfort. You are great people. We will always remember and be thankful for all you have done.”

The Donna and Keith Roberts Family

“Thank you all for helping Shirley make our Dad's funeral run so smoothly. We as a famiy could not have asked for more.”

The Thornton Family

“Mark, Ruth, Jonathan and Jan, We appreciate everything all of did to get us through my mom's funeral. Especially Jonathan, who went over and above to make sure everything was taken care of.”

Rob and Jeniffer Chesley

“Dear Jan, Our hearts were touched by your love and thoughtfulness in remembering us at this time of Yolanda's passing. We have so many fond memories of our times together with you, our special cousins. We will think of each of you each time we look at the beautiful plant you sent. We hope you know how much we love you. Yolanda's memorial service was lovely and really depicted what a fun, caring, and genuinely nice person she was.”


“Thank you for all your kindnesses at this very difficult time. You made a big difference. Thanks for everything you've done to help us at Dad's passing. You are special- everything was wonderful and perfect.”

Denis and Trelva Palmer

“We just wanted to thank you for the "extra" miles you've given with the funeral services for our mom and grandma. All you did menas a lot. Thank you and God bless.”

The children and grandchildren of Lynda Castillo

“Thanks again for everything, your help, kindness, etcetera. Words can't even express it all. May the Lord continue to bless you all... as you bless and give of yourselves to others.”

Tootsie and the Reyes Family

“Mark, Ruth, Jan and staff, For going the extra mile in your service to us and the community, we of the Cluff family sincerely thank you. Your ability to listen and then instinctively know what to do to ease our burden is truly a gift. May you never lose it.”

Jay Cluff Family

“Dear Mark and Ruth, Words can't even express what we want to say. But thank you seems so little for all you did to take care of our grandson, Evan Hall. It's people like you that make times like this so much easier. you are very special people and we do appreciate it. Melani and Brandon also appreciate all you did. It goes beyond words.”

The Stephen Mattice Family

“Thank you very much, I was very pleased with the way everything turned out. Everything was taken care of, and I didn't have to worry; I appreciate that. Your consideration is acknowledged by all of both Graham and Greenlee Counties.”

Theresa Mitchell

“Dear Mark, We would like to thank you and your staff for all the help, compassion, words of kindness and everything else that you did for us in our time of grief for the loss of our beloved mother.”

The Family of Jessie G. Dominguez

“Mark, Ruth, and Jan, Thank you all - You are truly appreciated. Everything was lovely.”

Patsy Cluff

“Please accept our heartfelt thank for your kindness in our time of sorrow. May God bless you.”

The Lupe Ortiz Romero Family

“Mark, Ruth, Jan & Jonathon, Thank you to all of you for your love, respect and care during this difficult time. It has amazed us how every little detail was taken care of. We appreciate all that you have done for us and our family. You are awesome!”

Luke & Lisa Hatch Family and Deserai

“Thank you all for helping our family make dad's funeral so meaningful. We as a family could not have asked for more.”

The Family of Aubry Thornton

“Dear Mark & Staff, Everything turned out really well. We appreciate the great job you did to make Sheryl's services beautiful. You really do take care of everything!”

Joyce Ford, John, Shawntel & Jon Reidhead

“My sincere appreciation for Jonathon at Vining Funeral Home. My mother-in-law lived in Glendale, Arizona, her wishes were that she be buried in the San Jose, Arizona, cemetery and we live in Reno, Nevada. Jonathon was excellent in helping us with a prepaid plan and when the time came he was invaluable. Thank you. Our situation could have been miserable but with Jonathon’s assistance we were able to be present for our family and friends.”

Helen Palma family February 15, 2019

“Thank you so much for your kindness during the passing of our wife, mother and grandmother. Your kindness will always be in our hearts.”

The Family of Etta Swartwood

“Mark and Ruth, We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the exceptional care you gave our mother and for the professional, yet kind and sensitive management of all her services and events surrounding our mother's passing. Thank you for your understanding and compassion.”

The Corrinne Gardner Family

“Mark and Ruth, Thank youso much for being there for me during the beginning of our sorrow. it was comforting knowing everything was in good hands. Your lovin ways are so supportive.”

Rita Carpenter

“A special tanks to Mark Vining and staff of Vining Funeral Home who went above and beyond our expectations, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Hornelaz Family

“Jan, Thank you for helping my sons and I with the preparation work in the memorial of Terry, our loved one. This past year was a difficult one and we were glad and grateful for your kindness and consideration in keeping us with this day of thoughtful remembrance. Terry touched the lives of many. He loved people and was always the first to give to others.”

Debra Conyer

“Dear Mark, Jonathan and Jan, Your acts of kindness and thoughtfulnes at the passing of our sweet mother, grandmother, Priscilla Western, truly made this time of grief so much easier. We were amazed at how smoothly everything went. Thank you, thank you.”

Wanda Stephens and Erline Norton

“Our great appreciation for all your help in the services of my mother Lorraine Ashcraft. Our heartfelt gratitude from our family and her sister Sharon Logan. In the short time your help brough peace, comfort, and assurance.”

The Logan, Newell and Ashcraft Families

“Thank you for your kindness and generosity in caring for our sweet baby Kayden. We are forever grateful for your help in such difficult times.”

Brandon and Melani Hall

“Dear Mark, Thank you for your help and kindness at this difficult time. I appreciate all you have done in helping Lee Hinton recieve a V.A. headstone.”

Theresa Belford

“Mark and Staff, Thanks for all your help and support at this very difficult time; for all you've done!”

The Mathuews Family

“Vining Funeral Home, Thank you to all of you for your love, respect, and care during this difficult time. It has amazed us how every little detail was taken care of. We appreciate all that you have done for us and our family. You're awesome!”

The Luke, Lisa Hatch Family and Des

“Just a note to say thank you so very much for all your help and donations in helping my son Tim and his wife Destiny in their time of grief. Please extend this to everyone who gave time and service. May God bless all.”

Ronnie Browning and Family

“Dear Jan, I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for us during this difficult time of my mom's passing. You made the arrangements flow so smoothly and everything turned out so nice. The slide show was incredible and such a wonderful thing to have at the viewing. Words just can't express my appreciation for your kindness and thoughtfulness and your many hours of hard work in our behalf. You're wonderful!”

Denise and Family

“You all did such a very beautiful service to help us celebrate Mom's life and her passing on to God! Thank you!”

The Family of Maxie Pate

“To Mark Vining, Thanks for all of your help and kindness during our loss. You did a wonderful job, and tell Jan thanks again for the beautiful program.”

The Robert Hundley Family

“To everyone at Vining Funeral Home, Words cannot express the thanks I feel for all your help and support before and after Joye Blaine's passing. You knew what I needed to do before I did and helped me through everything. Even as busy as you were- you treated me with the feeling like I was the only one needing your help.”

Betti Sorensen

“Dear Mark and staff, Thank you so much for how you handled the details of our Nana's death and her beautiful memorial. Your caring showed through in so many ways! You were a blessing to our family during this time.”

AJ Taylor and Family

“Mark, Jan, and staff, Words cannot express my love and appreciation for the support you were to me. The services were wonderful. it made it so much easier to have you all guide us through it. It takes very sepecial people to do what you do and you go way beond special. Thank you for everything.”

Deberrah Bryce

“Mark, We all felt a deep gratitude to you for your patience and kindness as you met with us to work out funeral arrangements for our son and brother. You patiently answered our questions and helped us work through arrangements. We thank you for your great support and help - for dealing with us so kindly and patiently at this time. We were impressed with the very pleasant aura of the surroundings as we entered your building. We felt a comforing sweet spirit there. We appreciate your devoted service in our behalf.”

Joy Layton and Family

“Thanks for all the great help for my son (George Lydolph). You were all a wonder and walked us through all the details and took a lot of the stress off our backs. We couldn't have done it without you. I will use your services in the future and recommend you highly.”

Claudice Malm

“Mark, the program was beautiful and every one of us thanks you for giving us a wonderful remembrance of both Mom and Dad- but most especially Dad. We will always be grateful”

The Opeka Family

“Mark, Thank you is not enough to say for all that you did to hep us in our time of need. You treated our father and all of us with such respect and love. You answered my questions before I even knew that I had them. You went beyond the extra mile for us and for that we can not thank you enough; but for now that's all we have. Thanks for all the you did to make such a sad thing into a something with such pleasant memories.”

The Nelson Family

“I wanted to let you know how happy all the family members were with the professional and compassionate service in what was a very difficult time for us. The presentation of everything was beautiful and the coordination by your staff for the services and locations we desired was very efficient.”

Russell Cox and Family

“Dear Mark, Thank you for your help and kindness at this difficult time. I appreciate all you have done in helping me with my father, Lee Hinton.”

Theresa Belford

“Mark, You are a great person! Thank you so very much for all that you did during a difficult time for me.”

Chuck Mapes

“I want to commend Vining Funeral Home for the hospitality and for surely going far and beyond the call of duty to make this a celebration of life of Dylan Farar, in the most special way we could under the sad circumstances. I would encourage/refer anyone and everyone to Vining's if you have to ever deal with the loss of a loved one in this community. The feelings of peace and comfort were so strong as people continued to flow through the building from the beginning til the end. I am in awe how special you made such a tragic event!”

Shantelle Farar